Build industry standards to lead a new engine and empower new power for green development of steel | CISA Clean Production Standardization Working group was established

On May 24, at the smart energy to promote the ultimate energy efficiency technology docking and the steel industry digital transformation evaluation and launch meeting, the China Iron and Steel Association announced the establishment of the CISA Clean Production Standardization Working Group (CISA/SWG2). At the same time, the establishment meeting of the CISA Cleaner Production Standardization Working Group was held. Zhang Yongjie, executive director of CISA, attended the meeting. More than 40 representatives from the Environmental Engineering Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the University of Science and Technology Beijing, MCC Changtian, Tangsteel International and other scientific research institutions and China Baowu, Angang Steel Group, Shagang Group, Jianlong Group and other steel enterprises attended the meeting.

The establishment of the cleaner production standardization Working group is a concrete action to implement the new development concept, implement the national standardization development program, and promote the green and high-quality development of the iron and steel industry. Taking the establishment of the working group as an opportunity, it brings together the advantages of all parties in the industry and builds a broad platform for the whole industry to gather wisdom and seek common development. It is of great significance to promote the steady, healthy and coordinated development of cleaner production.

Chang Hai, Chairman of the Working group, introduced the ideas on standardization of clean production in the steel industry in terms of standard formulation, standard application and deepening cooperation. He said that MCC Jingcheng, as the secretariat unit, will join hands with the committee units to gather the technical accumulation and talent advantages in the steel field, and jointly promote the standardization of clean production in the steel industry to a new level.

Zhang Yongjie extended warm congratulations on the establishment of the working group and thanked MCC Jingcheng for its long-term contribution to clean production and green development in the steel industry. He said that CISA leaders attach great importance to quality standardization work, standardization in product quality improvement, the promotion of scientific and technological innovation, leading the industry's high-quality development has played an important role in many aspects, he hopes that the working group from the standard to lead the advanced cleaner production technology, standard application promotion, international standards research and other aspects to strengthen the leading role of standards. Inject new momentum into the green and low-carbon transformation of the steel industry.

The meeting discussed the charter of the working group, the working rules of the secretariat, the construction of a standard system, reviewed the standard items such as the Code for the Evaluation of cleaner production Level (series of standards for the steel industry), and the members conducted in-depth discussions on the key work of the working group.