Make good use of the "micro" platform to condense the "big" power - The Metallurgical Planning Institute helps the industry to develop high-quality with thoughtful publicity

In recent years, as the first national first-class engineering consulting institution specializing in the development planning and strategic research of the iron and steel industry, the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Metallurgical Planning Institute, the English translation of the abbreviation "MPI") insists on publicity as an important measure to practice the concept, deepen the work and optimize the service, closely around the development strategy and business layout of the institute. Based on the core tasks and key work, the establishment of brand publicity center to coordinate the construction of brand publicity system within the hospital.

The propaganda work of the Metallurgical Planning Institute adheres to the four positions of "the window of industrial policy, the path of industry development, the strategy of enterprise upgrading, and the bridge of planning and cooperation", taking the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute as the mainstream window, integrating the multi-dimensional internal publicity media such as the Chinese and English portal website, the journal of Steel Planning Research, and a series of industry-oriented conferences and activities. With the help of dozens of authoritative media at home and abroad, such as People's Daily Online, China Central Television, Voice of Central and Radio Economics, China News Service, Economic Daily, China Daily, Science and Technology Daily, People's Political Consultative Conference, China Metallurgical News, China Industry News, China Science Journal, etc., we strive to build a "great publicity" matrix that is connected from top to bottom, linked as a whole, with distinctive characteristics and coordinated integration. While promoting the development of various undertakings and creating its own brand culture, the publicity work of the Metallurgical Planning Institute strives to build a large platform for information sharing, supply and demand connection and win-win cooperation in the industry, and is committed to promoting and implementing the latest policies, in-depth analysis of the industry situation, timely transmission of hot information, and high-quality publicity to boost the high-quality development of the steel industry.


Grasp the "key points" to do a good job of industrial policy window

The wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute gives full play to the characteristic advantages of accurate target user positioning, rapid and extensive information transmission and the advantages of new media communication, grasps the timing, degree and efficiency, highlights the deep, real, new, multi-form, multi-channel and multi-level industrial policy publicity, implementation and interpretation.

In terms of industrial policy publicity and implementation, the wechat public account insists on "communication as the key", pays close attention to the industrial policy release of the official platform of the central government, national ministries and local government agencies, focuses on the supply-side structural reform requirements and high-quality development direction of the steel industry, and sets up the "News Express" column to push the latest policy information at the first time. Strive to allow users in the industry to realize the policy "at a glance", promote the efficient circulation of policy information elements, and improve the coverage and communication power of policy publicity.

In terms of industrial policy interpretation, the wechat public number adheres to the "effect is king", highlights the precise resolution of reading and diversification of publicity, timely republishes authoritative interpretation important news issued by government departments, pays close attention to the important policy signals released by the industry high-end forum, and relies on the Metallurgical Planning Institute industry conference platform to sort out and publicize the heavyweight voices and keynote speeches of the participating leaders in a timely manner. At the same time, the wechat public account gives full play to the professional advantages of the expert team in the hospital, systematically publicizes the views and research results of the leadership and expert team of the Metallurgical Planning Institute on policy interpretation through diversified ways, strives to improve the "precision" of policy interpretation and the "matching degree" of enterprise development, and strives to let corporate customers achieve "clear" with policies.

For example, in the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", in order to better promote the implementation of national decision-making and industrial policy requirements in the steel industry, the Metallurgical Planning Institute organized professional forces to launch 10 "cloud" end video livestream - "High-quality Development of the steel Industry and Enterprise Countermeasures Research" series of reports. Focusing on the ultra-low emission implementation path, data enabling steel intelligent manufacturing, standard guidance, product positioning, scientific planning, logistics optimization, low-carbon transformation, international production capacity cooperation, resource security system construction and other key work of high-quality development of industries and enterprises, attracting a total of more than 58,000 people to watch, arousing high attention and warm response in the industry.


Poly "focus" research industry development path

Under the guidance of industrial policy and the unified leadership of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the Metallurgical Planning Institute has deeply studied the major problems and key work faced by China's steel industry in the development, and vigorously promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the steel industry. And actively disseminate the good experience and good practices of iron and steel enterprises in the fields of new product development, new technology application, new business development and upstream and downstream cooperation at home and abroad through the wechat public account platform.

In terms of hot information transmission, the wechat public account timely transmits the latest development trends of the industry and the phased achievements made in the process of promoting high-quality development, collates and summarizes the official information released by various departments, and shares relevant statistics of steel and upstream and downstream industries.

In terms of development path research, the wechat public account collaborates with the journal "Steel Planning Research" internally, links with the mainstream media externally, propagates the development path of China's steel industry through various forms, innovates new ideas for industry development, and plans new countermeasures for industry development. As of 2023, the Metallurgical Planning Institute has released research results on China's and global steel demand forecasts for 12 consecutive years, providing a strong reference for industry planning and development and enterprises to judge the market. The steel demand forecast research results released by the Metallurgical Planning Institute at the end of each year have received attention from home and abroad, and the reading volume of the wechat public account platform has reached 19,000 people in the past three years.

In terms of the promotion of experience and practice, the wechat public account focuses on the promotion of practical results, successful experiences and typical practices of innovation-driven, technological upgrading, transformation and upgrading of steel enterprises, and promotes the promotion and application of advanced, applicable, mature and reliable technology and equipment in the industry. In recent years, the iron and steel industry in-depth implementation of ultra-low emission transformation, metallurgical planning Institute to assist the China Iron and Steel Industry Association to carry out ultra-low emission transformation of steel enterprises and assessment and monitoring progress of publicity work, in its wechat public account to organize and update, continue to publish the list of publicized enterprises and the disclosure of the content of each enterprise.


Create "highlights" to provide enterprise upgrade strategy

Metallurgical Planning Institute has always been down-to-earth for the majority of steel and related enterprise customers to provide a full range of high-quality and efficient consulting products and value services. As the "main position" to support the operation and development of the whole institute, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute plays its role as a bridge and link in the business linkage, taps the concerns and demand points of potential corporate customers, and helps convert stock resources into high-quality incremental resources.

In terms of research, communication and publicity, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute follows and records the footprints of the expert team of the institute's continuous in-depth enterprise visits and investigations, timely updates the dynamics of the hospital's research discussions and business exchanges, and focuses on the focus and actual needs of corporate customers. Focusing on the promotion of the customized professional services provided by the expert team of the hospital in helping enterprises find problems, countermeasures, and implementation, etc., to provide reference for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

In terms of planning consultation and publicity, the wechat public account closely cooperated with the various professional sections of the hospital to plan columns and create collections. On the one hand, the hospital systematically publicized the cases of providing special services for the rescue, transformation and upgrading of steel enterprises; On the other hand, strengthen the integration and reuse of similar business stock information resources, so as to facilitate users to quickly locate through labels, view subject content on demand, and achieve the purpose of directional push value information.

For example, the Metallurgical Planning Institute has carried out carbon peaking and carbon reduction planning for hundreds of steel enterprises, built carbon reduction path models, and improved carbon asset management capabilities to fully support the industry to promote low-carbon transformation. In the past three years, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute has published hundreds of publicity reports focusing on the "double carbon" business field, with a cumulative reading volume of more than 113,000 people. For example, in the promotion of intelligent transformation, the intelligent manufacturing basic support system for the steel industry (iSteel) independently designed and developed by the Metallurgical Planning Institute has been successfully applied in a number of steel enterprises. The wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute docking planning "Metallurgical Planning Institute iSteel empowerment series reports" column has released a total of 19 news series up to now, with a cumulative reading of nearly 10,000 people.

In terms of enterprise competitiveness publicity, in the past three years, through the publicity platform of the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute, the release of research results on the competitiveness (and development quality) rating of Chinese iron and steel enterprises has obtained a total of 23,000 people's reading volume, which has been widely concerned, helping iron and steel enterprises to explore the potential to increase efficiency and comprehensively enhance comprehensive competitiveness. It also provides important reference for relevant units to carry out their work. In 2023, for the first time, the Metallurgical Planning Institute led the formulation of evaluation standards and organized the ESG rating work of Chinese steel enterprises, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute cooperated with the publicity and release of research results, and strive to contribute to the recognition of enterprises by government departments and regulators, win the favor of customers and the capital market, and improve the level of green and low-carbon development.

In addition, in order to better help enterprises to save energy, reduce emissions and reduce carbon, pass trust to market users, and enhance brand value in an all-round way, the wechat public number has opened a new column of "MPI letter Certification", and has increased efforts to publicize the above bright "report card" obtained by enterprises in the green, low-carbon and high-quality development. Up to now, this column has published 20 reports, which have been read by more than 15,000 people.


Aggregating "melting points" to build Bridges for planning cooperation.

Metallurgical Planning Institute gives full play to the unique advantages of "gathering the best of a hundred for one service", focuses on "integrated development", takes the wechat public account as the main stage for business interaction, strives to play the publicity work "upgrade card", and is committed to increasing the publicity and promotion of high-quality planning consulting products, efficient customized services, advanced technological achievements and innovative development models. Make the steel industry and enterprises really benefit from scientific planning, scientific development and scientific and technological progress.

In terms of helping the business development of the hospital, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute breaks the geographical and time restrictions, deeply understands the concerns of the target audience and the needs of potential customers, constantly optimates the content strategy, builds an information sharing platform, facilitates the reference of users and potential customers, helps them further enhance their understanding of the business field of the Metallurgical Planning Institute, and expands the cooperation space between the two sides.

In terms of promoting industry exchanges and cooperation, the Metallurgical Planning Institute has set up a platform for exchanges and cooperation with a series of meetings to enhance communication between government and enterprises, between enterprises, and between enterprises and suppliers, providing a good commercial channel for building a mutually beneficial industrial chain and supply chain cooperation system. In the preparatory and preheating stage of the meeting, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute issued and disseminated the meeting notice, highlighted the highlights of the meeting, continuously updated the meeting agenda, and collected registration information online to win more target audiences for the meeting; In the in-depth reporting stage of the conference, focusing on the main line and hot topics of the conference, from the perspectives of guest lineup, leadership speeches, academician reports, keynote speeches, roundtable dialogues, results release, cooperation signing, visits and exchanges, etc., to record the important information and wonderful moments of the conference to the majority of users; After the meeting, we expanded the publicity stage and integrated to build a strong mainstream media communication position for continuous in-depth reporting. In the past three years, through the publicity platform of the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute, the news reports related to the high-quality development conference of steel have obtained a total of about 70,000 people's reading volume, and the news reports related to the "Energy Conservation and emission Reduction Conference of the Steel industry" have obtained a total of about 60,000 people's reading volume.

In promoting the docking of technology supply and demand, in addition to the establishment of brand conferences, the Metallurgical Planning Institute also aims at the industrial policy orientation and cutting-edge trends of science and technology, anchors the industry's "high-end, intelligent, green" transformation direction, actively organizes and carries out a variety of conference activities, and works with partners to plan and hold the "Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute Steel Industry CIO Conference" for many years. In this process, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute will fully assist in the above related work, continue to make connections, smooth supply and demand information, broaden docking channels, expand publicity and promotion, and provide cooperation and exchange "fast road" for the "two-way rush" of advanced technology supply and demand parties.

For example, in the work carried out by the Metallurgical Planning Institute in collaboration with the Metallurgical Industry Energy Conservation Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, the wechat public account gives full play to the advantages of convenience and efficiency and the aggregation effect of new media, focusing on the policy points, enterprise difficulties, technology research and development, and application effects in the field of energy conservation and consumption reduction in the steel industry and extreme energy efficiency improvement. More than 260 related series reports have been read by more than 60,000 people. In addition, since 2021, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute has fully reported 8 CIO conference activities of the steel industry of the Metallurgical Industry Planning Institute, with a cumulative reading volume of more than 35,000 people.

Embarking on a new journey, the wechat public account of the Metallurgical Planning Institute will firmly grasp the correct guidance of public opinion, effectively focus on boosting development confidence and stimulating endeavour, and strive to broaden channels and make publicity "broad"; Continue to innovate the model, let the publicity have "strength", continue to use the heart, let the publicity have "temperature", accelerate the transformation from "publicity" to "service", and stand in a good position, serve the good service and do your best to play the "steel" strong voice of green, low-carbon and high-quality development.