Diversified industry
Diversified industry
Hebei Xinda Mining Group Co., Ltd

Hebei Xinda Mining Group Co., LTD., founded in 1996, is a large-scale enterprise mainly engaged in the mining and processing of iron ore, limestone and dolomite. There are 16 directly affiliated companies with proven total reserves of 500 million tons of iron ore, 90 million tons of dolomite and 60 million tons of limestone.

Hebei Xinda Mining Group Co., Ltd. has complete mining equipment and facilities, excellent equipment, advanced production technology, energy-saving facilities, with Pingquan Anli Mining Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Xinfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. two high-tech enterprises. Now it has an annual production capacity of 4 million tons of iron fine powder, 800,000 tons of dolomite powder, 1.5 million tons of dolomite ballast, 5 million tons of limestone ballast, 700,000 tons of particle steel thermoforming and 2 million tons of steel slag.

The company's green development runs through the whole process of mining production, insisting on holding the "environmental protection flag", playing the "ecological card" and taking the "green road". All units have obtained the "Safety production License", and organize production in strict accordance with the relevant national mining industry standards; Construction of fully enclosed workshop, and equipped with dust removal and spray equipment, to achieve stable pollutants, standard discharge; Has 2 international leading level of Sweden Sanvik crushing production line; The comprehensive operation of domestic advanced tower grinding equipment has achieved remarkable results in product quality improvement, and the grade of iron fine powder ranks among the best in the same industry in the region; The application of tailings enrichment technology, on the basis of ensuring safe production, greatly reduces the utilization of water resources, ensures ecological sustainable development, and has been praised and commended by governments at all levels. Pingquan Anli Mining, Tangshan Rongmao Industrial and Tangshan Wulong Industrial have been successfully selected into the green mine reserve of Hebei Province, setting up a green mine model of "resource-saving, environment-friendly and enterprise-land harmonious".