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Take responsibility for transposition communication

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Innovation, brand, integration, development

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Develop both morality and talent, and make the best use of people's talents Shangxian can share success with others

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Green building materials Xinda brand

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Innovation, green, open and win-win

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., LtdWorking guidelines:Take responsibility for transposition communication

Transposition thinking can realize a comprehensive and objective view of problems, but we can't lose our own principles and positions in transposition. Transposition thinking is to realize the flexibility and diversification of ideas under the premise of basic principles, basic systems and basic positions. More restrictions and restrictions on yourself and more tolerance and understanding of others are the real transposition thinking. Communication and cooperation, that is, communication and exchange, including the communication and exchange between the production unit and other departments, departments and customers, individuals and the company. The key to improving execution is to strengthen communication, and timely, smooth and harmonious communication is an effective way to achieve efficient communication. Cadres and employees at all levels should be able to take communication as the key, open the door of communication, be willing to realize heart-to-heart communication, and handle and maintain good communication relations between production units and logistics departments, departments and customers, individuals and the company. Having the courage to take responsibility means facing problems, not flinching back, and daring to face difficulties. This is not only a spirit, but also a character. In the face of difficult problems, we should dare to fight, dare to break through and dare to be the first. In the face of contradictions, we should dare to grasp, manage and encounter difficulties. In the face of development, we should dare to fight, dare to grab and dare to win, study the way out in adversity and constantly create a new working situation. To strengthen responsibility is to build a strong sense of responsibility, pay attention to one level at a time, conduct pressure at all levels, and press down and implement the responsibility. Cadres and employees at all levels should "never forget the original intention of starting a business and serving the country, never change the infatuation of extraordinary years, and bear in mind the mission of strengthening the enterprise for a century", comprehensively establish the overall awareness of enterprise development, and take the initiative to take enterprise development and department development as their own responsibility, which is responsibility. Taking the responsibility as an additional burden, abandoning shirking responsibility, buck passing, lax organization and loose discipline is a dangerous phenomenon without a sense of responsibility, which will lead to problems and the risk of lack of direction and deviation.

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltdenterprise philosophy:Innovation, brand, integration, development

"Four forces" is the source and direction for xinda people to gather their heart, strength and energy. Innovation is the driving force, integration is vitality, brand is charm, and development is potential.  Innovation power refers to the innovation way that enterprises develop in line with their own characteristics and pursue more efficient, effective and beneficial methods, including the innovation of product production and development, promotion, cooperation, marketing and channel, etc., which is the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development.  Integration force is to create a strong concept of integration development in product development, industrial chain extension and other aspects, so as to take advantage of the situation, integrate resources, strengthen the power of integration, with more product development and service guarantee to provide customers with more choice space, but also to create more powerful development vitality;  Brand power is to realize the construction, development and maintenance of the intangible asset "brand" after experiencing innovation power and integration power, to form brand power, and to realize the transformation and entry from resource-saving to sustainable development.  It is the endless charm of enterprises and products to seize the market heights.  Development force condenses "innovation force integration force brand force", the enterprise continues to optimize resources on the basis of innovation, surpass and form a new potential development system, from result to effect, from combination to integration, from sound to influence.  

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., LtdTalent concept:Develop both morality and talent, and make the best use of people's talents Shangxian can share success with others

Basic interpretation: Hebei Xinda group adheres to people-oriented, attaches importance to talent training, morality first and talent first, so that everyone has a stage for self-development; Respect and reuse talented people and share the fruits of development. Hebei Xinda group adheres to the strategy of invigorating the enterprise with talents, attracts talents with enterprise development and generous treatment, cultivates talents in the form of learning for application and flexibility, so as to put the right people in the right posts and retain talents. So that every employee can display their talents on the platform built by the enterprise, so that the enterprise and employees can develop together, make common progress and share success!

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., LtdBrand concept:Green building materials Xinda brand

Basic interpretation: Xinda group takes quality as the foundation, pursues quality and spiritual value, takes green development as the mission, creates green factories, forges green building materials, casts green brands, and creates big brands in the new era. Hebei Xinda group, with the mission of "protecting a blue sky" and the development purpose of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", based on the production of green building materials, pays attention to environmental protection in an all-round and all-weather way from product design, production process, product performance, resource allocation to recycling of by-products, practices the concept of green development, and provides Xinda brand products with safety, environmental protection and high quality for the society and the people. Hebei Xinda group, based on building materials, led by high-quality steel and based on quality, vividly interprets the production concept of "energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, safety, convenience and recyclability" in the whole production cycle, operates the "green" Xinda brand construction as a great cause, and makes the best of the environmental protection, safety and recyclability of products, so as to make it a new mainstream and new cornerstone of enterprise development, Vividly reflects the development mind and social responsibility of "serving the country through industry".

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., LtdDevelopment concept:Innovation, green, open and win-win

Basic interpretation: development is the basis and key to solve all problems. Xinda group takes innovative development as the inexhaustible driving force, green environment as the development goal, open mind as the development driving force, win-win development as the sustainable concept, unswervingly seeks the development prospects of openness, innovation, inclusiveness and mutual benefit, and constructs an ecological system that respects nature and green development. Adhere to innovative development, put innovation at the core of the overall development of enterprises, and provide inexhaustible driving force for solving the bottleneck of development. Adhere to green development, establish the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", treat the ecological environment like life, increase investment, strengthen supervision, create green factories, create green environment and create green products. Adhere to open development, deepen horizontal and vertical benchmarking learning, actively participate in international and domestic industry development competition, strive to promote industry progress, and let Hebei Xinda group go abroad and face the world. Adhere to win-win development. In the era of economic globalization, in the face of a highly competitive and cruel market, strive to implement industrial upgrading, create a win-win economic foundation, break the resistance of vested interests, and achieve a high degree of unity between enterprise development and social benefits, employees' interests and partners' interests, so as to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., LtdEnterprise objectives:Xinda manufacturing, Xinda creation to the world

Xinda manufacturing is no longer a simple processing and production, but a well-designed system with planning, intelligence and original intention; Xinda creation is the independent research and development of high-end, high-quality and special-purpose varieties of steel with the personality of "high, fine and special" on the basis of the precision manufacturing of Xinda, so that each product has the unique quality, culture and soul of Xinda, and stands in the world with "Xinda creation". Xinda people will never be satisfied with the status quo and "participation". Through perfect manufacturing, they will increase varieties, improve quality and create brands, and strive to explore the possibility of "creation" with the spirit of innovation. Broaden vision, carry out personalized customization and intelligent production, and cultivate the craftsman spirit of excellence. Through "win-win cooperation" with Zhongxin, Caixin will be promoted to the domestic and international industries to "get rid of the essence and create new standards".

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., LtdEnterprise spirit:Running an enterprise with integrity is a real person

Basic interpretation: honesty is the way to run an enterprise and the foundation of life. It does not stand without faith. Hebei Xinda group, people-oriented, creates Xinda green brand with real character and seizes new heights in the market; Based on integrity and through scientific and complete system construction, make every field perfect. Hebei Xinda group, with the concept of being a man before doing things, helps the needy, gives back to the society, and establishes a new image of a strong enterprise; Take scientific innovation and development as the guide, aim at the forefront, make overall progress, and realize a new leap forward in green development!

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltdcore idea:Serve the country with industry and create a century-old strong enterprise

Basic interpretation: Hebei Xinda group, starting from commerce and trade, starting from iron and steel, mining, real estate and logistics trade, diversified development, growing real economy, benefiting employees, benefiting the countryside, serving the country and sustainable development. Hebei Xinda group, with the development goal of "serving the country with industry and creating a strong enterprise for a century", based on the steel plate, carries forward the spirit of innovation, creates a first-class team, makes first-class products, creates a first-class environment and creates a first-class enterprise. Taking "serving the country through industry" as its own responsibility, Hebei Xinda group adheres to making the enterprise stronger and better for a long time, realizing mutual benefit and win-win between the enterprise and customers, keeping pace with social development, making unremitting efforts to build a century old Xinda brand and become one of the world's strong enterprises, and contributing to the realization of the country's second century goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The second 100 years is to build a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country by the 100 years after the founding of new China (2049).