Social responsibility
Social responsibility
社會(huì )責任
social responsibility

Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to environmental protection and the development of circular economy. It always adheres to the development concept of "innovation, green, openness and win-win" and earnestly implements a series of measures of "cutting pollution with a sharp sword, focusing on implementation", which not only shows the attitude of Xinda people to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, but also reflects the determination, confidence and ambition of Hebei Xinda iron and steel to cut pollution with a sharp sword and deeply control the environment.  

1、Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to and implements environmental protection and earnestly implements the national policies on environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. In the past two years, Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. has invested 5.4 billion yuan in environmental protection. All stockyards have been built into mechanized fully enclosed material sheds with a total area of 469000 m2, equipped with fog guns, spray dust suppression, dry fog dust suppression and other facilities, and the shed mouth is equipped with wheel and body cleaning devices to eliminate unorganized dust emission; All production processes are equipped with various dust removal, flue gas desulfurization and other environmental protection facilities. The denitration and whitening project has been put into operation. Now it is stricter than the national ultra-low emission standard and basically meets the ultra-low emission standard in Tangshan, that is, the emission concentration of particulate matter is basically ≤ 5mg / nm ³、 The emission concentration of sulfur dioxide basically reaches ≤ 20mg / nm ³、 The emission concentration of NOx basically reaches ≤ 30mg / nm ³; In addition, 330kw photovoltaic power generation system has been built; Large commuter buses and transport machinery vehicles with LNG new energy have been renewed and replaced; A sewage treatment plant has been built to take the lead in realizing the recycling of all production and domestic sewage among local iron and steel enterprises.

2、In order to realize circular development and strengthen the recovery and utilization of blast furnace and converter gas and steam, Hebei Xinda iron and steel has successively invested 1.11 billion yuan to build two 100MW high temperature and ultra-high pressure and three 50MW high temperature and high pressure gas generator units, as well as steam waste heat generator unit and 1 × The 110MW ultra-high temperature subcritical gas power generation project has a self generation rate of 75%. At the same time, vigorously carry out cascade water management, strengthen wastewater treatment and strictly control wastewater discharge. Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. invested 160 million yuan to build a sewage treatment plant, with a water recycling rate of 98.5% and zero sewage discharge.  

3、Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group attaches great importance to the win-win situation of economic and environmental benefits, takes it as its own responsibility to repay the society and be keen on public welfare undertakings, and makes full use of the waste heat resources of blast furnace slag flushing water to meet the winter heating of the production and living areas of the whole plant, muchangkou residential community, muchangkou hospital, muchangkou junior middle school and some surrounding villagers. This not only makes effective use of waste heat to form a recycling chain, but also reduces the emission of flue gas, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and dust generated by surrounding users due to coal-fired boilers, and truly realizes energy conservation, emission reduction and circular development; It has made greater contributions to the cause of environmental protection.

4、All along, Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. has paid attention to the humanistic feelings, took the treatment and rectification of the on-site environment and the improvement of the plant appearance as the top priority, established the environmental protection concept of "creating a clean and warm working environment for employees", comprehensively carried out the establishment of "green factory" and invested in comprehensive 6S management. The company's buildings, pipes and supports have been beautified and lightened; In terms of greening, in line with the principle of "no hard or green", vigorously plant greening vegetation. Hebei Xinda iron and steel has a hardened greening area of 850000 square meters, which is full of green everywhere, whether on both sides of the road or in the sanitary area of the branch plant; In terms of dust control in the plant area, make full use of sprinkler, dust collector and fog gun machine for all-weather operation, and strive to create a clean and tidy working environment for employees... Through the company's dedicated treatment, the face of the plant area changes with each passing day, and the "appearance" of the enterprise is steadily improved!

5、Low carbon, established an energy management center, implemented centralized and flat dynamic monitoring and digital management of the production, transmission and distribution and consumption links of the energy system, improved and optimized the energy balance, and realized systematic energy conservation and consumption reduction. In terms of the use of energy consuming equipment, it has been clearly prohibited to use energy consuming equipment with high energy consumption and low efficiency that has been officially eliminated by the state. Make full use of waste heat and pressure, and use renewable energy instead of non renewable energy. According to the requirements of the government, the company has conducted greenhouse gas verification year by year. In the past three years, the greenhouse gas emission index per ton of steel has decreased year by year, and positive results have been achieved in the development of energy conservation and low carbon.

"Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" is the principle strictly observed by Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Actively respond to the national environmental protection policy, spare no effort to improve the level of hardware facilities, focus on internal management and improve soft power, make every effort to promote environmental protection to keep pace with the development of the enterprise, keep pace with the progress of the times, and live in harmony with the environment, so as to make environmental protection an important advantage for improving the development grade and quality of the enterprise and making it an important competitive advantage for the future development of the enterprise.