30th Anniversary
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Autumn, autumn fragrance, for the celebration of iron and steel group co., LTD., the 15th anniversary of the establishment, improves the worker to kiss each other mutual love between team consciousness, the unity cooperation ability on October 10, the 20th anniversary of the establishment, the spirit of the factory in hebei province group in market competition and spirit of spell spell "refresh struggle" activities in hebei, one stroke and develops take the style, Bo Jun, Deputy director of the Group Office, Meng Xiangying, Director of Human Resources Department of the Production Operation Management Center, Liu Junhui, media affairs of the command Office and other leaders attended the activity.

Along with the majestic "Athletes March", the fun games officially opened the curtain, the national flag, the factory flag guard and from the group directly affiliated to the units, the company's 14 teams entered in turn, the athletes are full of vigor and vitality, high-spirited, with a neat and powerful pace across the rostrum.

Group production operation management center of human resources commissioner xiang-ying meng delivered his opening speech, he said, holding the fun games is to enhance the quality of the cadres and workers body actual need, is the important content of rich staff recreational activity, is an important form of stimulate staff work enthusiasm, he hope all the athletes in the "safe and civilized, orderly" under the premise of finished projects, Achieve ideal results, show the new era Xinda staff style, sports achievements and spiritual civilization double harvest.

Group Board of Directors office deputy director Wang Aijun announced the opening of the fun games.

The fun games set up dryland dragon, concentric drumming, a total of future, tortoise and hare race, together ladder five projects, from the group of companies composed of 14 teams to participate in the competition. On the field, athletes discuss tactics, determine the tempo, unify slogans... The seriousness and carefulness of daily work also "brought" to the competition field. Everyone worked hard and devoted himself to the competition project, and tried to win the honor for his team.

Dry the dragon

In the Dryland Dragon event, the athletes drive the dragon boat with their legs as OARS and their hands as rudders. One by one, the dragon moves forward at a high speed on the sports field.

Concentric drums

In the event of concentric drumming, the players cooperate with each other in tacit agreement. They work together to lift the drum into the air and bounce the ball, which reflects the spirit of Xinda's people thinking in one place, working hard in one place and looking in one place.

To future

In the project, athletes take the same steps to fight together, cooperate and go to a better future together.

Tortoise and the hare

In the tortoise and hare race, the tortoise is no longer the tortoise in the fable, but thanks to the strong physique and synchronous cooperation of the athletes, the tortoise flies at a brisk pace. The rabbit is no longer the complacent rabbit in the fable, but full of athletic spirit, running against the wind, full of infinite vitality.

A ladder to

In the Joint ladder project, the athletes had extraordinary skills and cooperated with each other to maintain strong fighting power from beginning to end, pushing the competition to the final climax.

After fierce competition, the team of Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. won the first place, the Qisheng team of Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. won the second place, and the team of representatives of units directly under Hebei Xinda Group won the third place.

Leadership speech

Group board of directors, deputy director of the office ai-jun wang harnesses, his first to get good results in the interesting games athletes expressed warm congratulations, to struggle for all the athletes in the playground sincere greetings, to pay hard work for the successful hosting of the games of the referees and staff to express our heartfelt thanks to you for. He hopes that all the cadres and workers in the future work to continue to maintain and develop faster, higher, stronger "spirit, with full of passion and a healthy body and mind, the same frequency in the enterprise development goals, the same frequency in group decision deployment, the games brought the solidarity and cooperation, together with the struggle, into a persistent struggle will, under the guidance of our corporate culture, We will take the road of green and high-quality development with a new attitude, and make greater contribution to building a century-strong enterprise.


Xinda has always attached great importance to the construction of public service system for staff fitness. It has built a large gymnasium, a comprehensive gym and a Lijun club to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of staff and improve their health quality. At the same time, actively carry out the staff basketball game, staff tug-of-war, staff sports meeting and other series of sports activities, let the staff in the work of the release of pressure, stimulate power, further enhance the friendship between the staff, strengthen the spirit of teamwork, fully show Xinda people's positive mental outlook, let the enterprise full of vitality and vitality.

Never stop dreaming during the tournament. The fun games to stimulate the majority of cadres and workers self-improvement, hard work, unity and cooperation, and continue to surpass the will to forge ahead, leaving a story of struggle and forge ahead, played the march of overcoming difficulties, forge ahead. We firmly believe that XINDA people will turn the great passion, enthusiasm and pride from this fun Games into a powerful kinetic energy to accelerate the transformation and development of XinDA, and strive to write a new chapter of green and high-quality development in the new era!