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Chairman's Speech

Time flies like a song. With the care and support from all walks of life, Hebei Xinda Group has gone through 30 years of trials and tribulations, written a brilliant chapter full of struggle and achievements, and won the recognition of the industry and social affirmation. This is due to the reform and opening up, and the tireless dedication, pursuit and struggle of Xinda people.


Xinyuan in wisdom, to begin with line. As China's steel industry rising star of private enterprises, hebei xin da group always adhere to the "industrial patriotic One hundred strong enterprises "core philosophy, unswervingly implement the national industrial policy, the full implementation of" green open innovation and win-win "concept of development, focus on core business of steel, get the development orientation, innovative business model, integration of resources inside and outside, Continue to upgrade and transform, extend the industrial chain, meet the high-end market demand, through management efficiency, talent, culture to strengthen the enterprise, build "Xinda" green brand, enhance the visibility and reputation of the enterprise, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and constantly expand the business territory. It has gradually formed a diversified industrial system integrating iron and steel metallurgy business division, mineral resources business division, real estate business division and trade business division. All undertakings are flourishing and it has entered the ranks of modern, large-scale and group enterprises.


Every step of the development of Hebei Xinda Group has carried the understanding and help of the leaders of party committees and governments at all levels, new and old customers and people from all walks of life, and condensed the hard work of every Xinda staff. We hereby express our sincere gratitude! We will uphold the enterprise spirit of "honesty, enterprise and life", shoulder the responsibility of building a harmonious society, and actively participate in public welfare undertakings, committed to providing customers with the best products, creating healthy and abundant life for employees, and drawing a harmonious vision together with all sectors of society.


Recalling the eventful days of the past, we are full of pride; We still have a long way to go to develop our blueprint. We will mobilize the strength of the whole group to embrace the big changes in the new era, vigorously promote the transformation to green and smart manufacturing, unswervingly move toward high-end manufacturing, accelerate the realization of new breakthroughs in innovation, and comprehensively challenge the forefront of the industry. We will strive to build the most dynamic ecological Xinda, and make Xinda a gathering place for all kinds of talents, so that those who take root in Xinda and struggle in Xinda can achieve success and be happy in Xinda.


In the new historical journey, Hebei Xinda Group stays true to its original aspiration and keeps its mission firmly in mind. We are willing to continue sincere cooperation and win-win cooperation with old and new friends, constantly create dreams, realize dreams and surpass dreams, and join hands to create a brilliant and beautiful tomorrow!

Chairman's Speech