30th Anniversary
Equal emphasis on beauty and talent! Xinda female employees' "flower" style holiday!

The left hand is a career, the right hand is a family

Inheriting women in the new era

A character of tenacity, diligence, and simplicity

Xinda female employees

In a position where women are not inferior to men

Has made important contributions to the development of the enterprise

On the "March 8th" Women's Day

They spend the holiday together in a "flower" style

Creative flower arranging activities

Recently, a creative vegetable flower arranging activity was launched in the multi-function hall of the Wangfu Building. In order to fully utilize the creative thinking of female employees, more than ten different colors of fresh fruits and vegetables were prepared for the activity. Female employee representatives from the directly affiliated units and companies of the group participated in the flower arranging activity. The activity site was surrounded by pink heart shaped balloons, and tulips in bud were wrapped in pink paper, making them more charming and shy. The scene was romantic and warm under the reflection of flashing neon lights.

The activity was carried out in an interesting fruit and vegetable riddle, where everyone competed in order and failed to break the mystery solver's live performance. "It's strange and strange, with a beard growing on top of his head. Untie his clothes and take a look, and the pearls appear." A small riddle baffled a worker on the scene. The funny performance she brought caused everyone to laugh loudly and ignited a lively and joyful atmosphere on the spot.

In the creative "flower" section, everyone randomly selected cards and inserted "flowers" according to the corresponding vegetables on the cards. The scene was filled with green luffa and celery, yellow persimmon peppers and corn, red tomatoes and apples, orange carrots... Everyone picked up the divided fruits and vegetables and began to create their own works through conception and selection of materials.

While dealing with the "flower material", everyone conceived the basic shape and layering, and planted vegetables such as corn, colored peppers, celery, and flammulina velutipes on the flower paste. Original ordinary vegetables such as eggplant, garlic, celery, and chili peppers have been trimmed, color matched, and embellished to create a creative work with distinct layers, colorful colors, and rich connotations. Vegetable flowers are blooming quietly in the hands of female employees, with their distinctive and well-arranged patterns. Common vegetables, melons, and fruits in life have become creative floral works with themes and emotions through everyone's skillful decoration.

The participating employees will present their works in groups and introduce them in detail. After on-site voting, outstanding works will be selected.

Creative flower arrangement activities make Women's Day not only romantic, but also smoky. Female employee representatives participating in the activities have expressed that this creative flower arrangement activity not only enriches everyone's spare time life, relieves their normally tense and busy work mood, allows everyone to feel the joy and elegance of life, but also feels Xinda's care for our female employees.

Garden activities

In order to inspire the spirit of female employees to stand on their posts, strive for dedication, and strive for progress, and fully reflect the group's "people-oriented" philosophy, a garden tour themed "10000 Women's Exhibition, Strong Spring in Jiuzhou" was launched in Xinda Iron and Steel Industrial Park. Female employee representatives and their families from Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Hebei Rongxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. participated in the garden tour.

Staff representatives and their families, as "tourists", enjoy themselves in the "own" scenic spot and walk into Xinda together to further understand the history and current situation of the enterprise's development, experience the enterprise culture, generate resonance with each other, and pool development strength.

In the sub critical scenic area of Xinda Iron and Steel Industrial Park, employee representatives and their families toured the fire protection theme park, anti-corruption culture theme park, carbon park, etc. The unique iron art works in the scenic area have been repeatedly praised by employee representatives and their families, marveling at the superb technical level of Xinda employees and the rich cultural life of employees inside, and experiencing projects such as dry land curling, archery, power generation bicycles, etc. Playing in the "own home" scenic spot allows Xinda employee representatives and their families to relax their bodies and minds, feel warmth and humanistic care in a unique way, so as to better engage in work and life.

Competitive activities

In Tangshan Tianhong Property Service Co., Ltd., a Women's Day activity was in full swing, and the scene was unusually lively. In the "Let me guess" activity, each team sends one person as the performer, while the rest serve as the first responders. The performer performs according to the questions set by the referee, and can only use body language to convey information to the guesser. No words related to the topic are allowed to be spoken. The most correct guess within 10 minutes is the winner. Each team uses all their skills, and there is constant laughter on the spot.

"Chopsticks and Table Tennis Relay Competition": Each team sends two people to pick up the table tennis balls in the basin as quickly as possible, transport the table tennis balls to the opposite empty basin, and repeat the transportation. If the ball lands on the way, it needs to be placed in the basin and picked up again; You can only use chopsticks to hold the table tennis ball, and no other part of your body can touch the table tennis ball. The team that delivers the most table tennis balls within 10 minutes wins. The final score will be calculated based on the cumulative score of the activity, and prizes will be awarded to the winning group.

For a long time, Hebei Xinda Group has adhered to the principle of putting people first, caring for employees with humanistic care, providing a learning and growth platform for employees in talent cultivation, and opening up promotion channels; Solve the "urgent, difficult, anxious, and hopeful" problems of employees, and provide convenience for their work and life; Carry out colorful and interesting sports meetings, basketball matches, recitations, paintings, photography competitions, and other activities, and build entertainment facilities and venues such as leisure and fitness facilities to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees; Regularly organize free physical examinations for employees and distribute holiday benefits; The factory is equipped with fully equipped employee apartments, equipped with free shared electric bicycles to solve the problem of short-distance travel, and free commuter buses to facilitate the travel of employees; Providing relocation subsidies for employees from other places and effectively relieving their stress... Xinda's employee care warms the hearts of the people, and strengthens confidence, condensing the magnificent power of high-quality development of the enterprise!

On the occasion of "March 8th" Women's Day

Hebei Xinda Group wishes all female employees

Fragrant and comfortable, smiling dimples like flowers!