30th Anniversary
My mother and I are on this date in Xinda! Special and warm!

The sheep knows how to kneel, and the black knows how to feed. On the occasion of Mother's Day, in order to spread the fashion of cherishingthe family, promote the coordinated development of the family and work of the staff, and cultivate the awareness of "knowing grace and gratitude" of the staff, Hebei Xinda Group carried out a series of Mother's Day activities.

"Spend some 'Xin' thinking to hide love" creative activity

The image of the mother is always closely connected with the backpack, from the birth to the toddler, the mother's bag is the treasure bag for the child's growth; From the enlightenment of the child to travel to study, the child's bag is loaded with the mother's ardent hope. This year's Mother's Day Xinda invited employees to take the mother together with handmade DIY backpack, production site, mother and daughter work together, a stitch in the delivery of full love, in everyone's careful production, a fashion elegant exquisite handbag presented in front of the eyes, looking at them, the joy of the mothers like flowers in full bloom. See, she doesn't need fancy clothes and luxury jewelry, a gift made by her own hands can make her smile for a long time.

As we grow up, the love of the mother is less and less to say, looking at the busy background of the mother, you seem to have a lot of words to say to the mother, but do not know how to open, this activity is specially designed "expression of love", so that everyone will love the public. The love that has been hidden in the heart for a long time, or touch the heartstrings, or trigger the tears, in the warm interview, we deeply understand the way to get along with the family, learn the correct expression of love.

"Motherly love without trace, children have heart" garden activities

The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the support of the workers' mothers behind the back, on the occasion of Mother's Day, Xinda invited the mother of the workers' representatives into the enterprise to visit the Xinda Iron and steel Industrial Park, feel the warmth of the enterprise family, let the mothers rest assured and happy. Starting from the visitor center, we have visited the corporate culture exhibition hall and the sub-critical scenic spot, and the environment of the park has impressed everyone, saying that "children are very assured to work here, and will continue to do a good job of supporting children and let them devote themselves to their work."

In the film and video hall of the visitor center, everyone watched the movie "Hello, Li Huanying", which further inspired the gratitude and childism of the employees. Finally, everyone said that they would repay their mother's upbringing with practical actions, and strive to forge ahead in their work and become talented.

Only know firewood and rice expensive, raising children know parents. On this special day, let us send sincere blessings to every mother who supports us wholeheartedly behind us. May they be gentle and unchanged, and the years be worry-free!

Xinda will strive to expand the staff's "happiness space", the "practical" in the heart of the staff, provide more meaningful and creative activities for the staff, create a healthy and upward cultural atmosphere, so that the construction of corporate culture and the development of various work organic combination, create a comfortable, happy, hard work, career atmosphere for the staff, promote each other and grow together!