30th Anniversary
"Father" Xinda staff received a special gift!

The mountains do not speak from the wei, the sea does not speak from the deep. Father's deep and hidden love is never easy to say, but his weathered hands, but support the sky above our heads, this love may be in different forms, but never absent. On the occasion of Father's Day, in order to promote the traditional virtues of honoring parents and cherching family affection, and pay tribute to the hard work of the majority of employees who are fathers, Hebei Xinda Group has carried out the theme of "Father love such as' shirt '" and invited the children to hand-draw a unique T-shirt for their father to sincerely express their love for their father.

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With the help of their father, the children began to use their brains and play the unrestrained imagination, colorful pigments were painted on the pure white T-shirts, and a "customized version" of clothing full of children's fun and love was completed. Some draw a cartoon picture of dad on the T-shirt, some write "I love dad" and draw a big love, and some draw dad as Superman... Each T-shirt contains a heartwarming story about a father's love.

Declaration of love

"This love represents my love for my father, and this mountain represents my father's love for me as tall and deep as a mountain!" "Dad, happy holidays" "Dad, I love you, I love you forever!" ... The children explained the beautiful meaning represented by the picture, and expressed their love for their father with a childish voice. The fathers showed a happy and satisfied smile, and the atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

Fun little game

Table tennis and happy pot game, the fathers like a super people show their skills, the children's refueling sound one after another, the atmosphere of the activity is active, the tacit understanding between parents and children and the family together.

Ordinary father, extraordinary love. The calluses on his hands, his white hair, and the words he spoke to us were plain and plain, but they were worth a thousand words. On the occasion of Father's Day, Hebei Xinda Group wishes all fathers a happy holiday!