30th Anniversary
Hand for sachet, happy in its "Zongzi"! Xinda's Dragon Boat Festival features a wonderful!

Pile out of the street of sachet and Zongxiang peddling, galloping dragon boat carrying Qu Yuan's patriotic feelings, a bunch of flag moxa in front of the door so that the Dragon Boat Festival taste covered the streets, in the promotion and inheritance of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, Hebei Xinda Group organized the "Dragon Boat Festival 'Zongzi' happy feeling" Dragon Boat Festival theme activities, guide Xinda people rooted in the essence of culture, Feel the strong holiday atmosphere.

Make sachet by hand

Every Dragon Boat Festival, Zongye ten miles fragrance, dragon boat race white waves, the Dragon Boat Festival customs far spread, there are glutinous dumplings, wormwood rich, but also the fragrance of the sachet. Dragon Boat Festival making sachet is a traditional folk custom in China. Wearing sachet filled with wormwood and vanilla can ward off evil spirits and repel pestilence and resist infestation of poison insects. At the activity site, we thread a needle, stitch together the pieces of cloth, put moire and other materials, and finally seal the edge, plus leather rope, fringe, beads... After more than an hour of production, a lovely shape, full and delicate perfume bags are "fresh out of the oven".

The subtle wormwood fragrance filled the tip of everyone's nose, but also lingering into people's hearts, the workers involved in the activity have said that "feel the charm of traditional handicraft, but also deeply feel the unique charm of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation in the process of making the sachet, very meaningful, thank the group organized the activity."

Fun games a total of listen to music Zongzi, cast "five poisons", twerking master three links.

Listen to the song of Zongzi from the drum transmission of flowers evolved, we can not take our eyes off the dumplings in the hands of their partners quickly transmitted, exercise everyone's response ability at the same time also obtained a stage to show their own.

Throwing "five poisons" means "throwing arrows into the pot", throwing five poisons means no pest trouble, physical fitness, no disease and no disaster. In the activity, everyone or adjust the Angle of the body forward, or change the stance, and strive to "arrow without false hair", whenever an arrow is thrown, the audience can not help but cheer.

Twerker scene atmosphere is warm and active, some jumping up and down, some jumping left and right, with the body beating, ping pong ball from the box one by one, a string of jumping out, a variety of funny posture let the crowd laugh, the scene atmosphere to the climax.

Only by not forgetting history can we open up the future, and only by being good at inheritance can we be good at innovation. The Dragon Boat Festival activities not only further enhance the cohesion among employees and the sense of belonging to the enterprise, but also inherit the cultural tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival folk custom, creating a strong traditional festival atmosphere. It is hoped that the majority of cadres and workers can inherit the source of a vein of culture and establish a cavity of national feelings under the influence of corporate culture. Dragon Boat Festival, reed flavor fragrance, Hebei Xinda Group wish you all Dragon Boat Festival Ankang!