30th Anniversary
Mental "rush"! Group enterprise culture knowledge contest is awarded to them!

In order to implement the theme of "strong base solid intelligent lean innovation and efficiency brand strong enterprise", so that corporate culture is rooted in the production and life of employees, and create a "happy to learn" atmosphere, on the afternoon of July 19, Hebei Xinda Group organized the "Condensing 'Xin' gathering force culture cast soul" corporate culture knowledge contest.

Before the start of the competition, the employees of the Group companies actively responded and actively participated in the competition, which set off a wave of corporate culture knowledge learning of "catching up with learning and promoting learning through competition" in the company.

The competition is divided into three parts, which are the required part, the quick answer part and the risk part. The content covers group enterprise culture, party building culture, clean government culture, safety and environmental protection knowledge, lean management culture and green intelligence, and comprehensively tests the knowledge base of contestants. The competition base is divided into 100 points, on this basis through the competition to increase or decrease, the cumulative score from high to low the top three champions, runners-up and third runners-up, awarded bonuses and certificates of honor.

? All players compete

In the first part of the game, "must answer", the players of each team responded calmly, made full use of the proficient corporate culture knowledge, answered like a flow, showed a good competitive state, and the score went hand in hand.

? Brave and intelligent competition

The "rush answer question" link is the most tense and stimulating, the players are nervous, the response is rapid, the high frequency press the rush answer device to grab the answer opportunity, the answer ideas are quick, and the scene hot state has been upgraded!

? Rapid heartbeat

With the arrival of the "risk question" link, the whole game entered the white-hot stage, the participating teams still maintained the spirit of not admitting defeat, not giving up, everyone grasped the opportunity to answer the high score, you chased me, courageously, the scene atmosphere was more enthusiastic.

After the thrilling competition, there are the pursuit of victory, there are lost, the team results between the teams are also in constant change. In the end, the team of Hebei Xinda Mining Group Co., Ltd. was quick in thinking, fought hard and won the crown by absolute advantage, the team of Jilin Xinda Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and the team of Hebei Lijun Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd. were ranked second and third. Wang Aijun, deputy director of the office of the Board of Directors of Hebei Xinda Group, Xu Lijuan, deputy director of the human Resources Planning Department of the production and operation Management Center of the Group, and Li Xiuhong, director of the comprehensive office and secretary of the Party branch of Tangshan Longxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. presented awards to the winning team respectively.

Corporate culture knowledge competition is not only a competition, but also an inheritance and promotion of corporate culture. Through the competition, the players showed the spirit of Xinda people's struggle in the new era, deeply understood and understood the essence of corporate culture, and truly reached the realm of internalization in the heart, externalization in the line, and integration of knowledge and practice. All Xinda people should practice the excellent spiritual concept of Xinda, enhance cultural self-confidence, and play a role in the main battlefield of high-quality development of the group with more full work enthusiasm and more ambitious fighting spirit.