30th Anniversary
Mid-Autumn Festival, Xinda and staff reunion!

Years such as running arrows, and the Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to vigorously carry forward and inherit Chinese traditional culture, practice corporate culture, improve staff cohesion, let employees feel the festive atmosphere and the warmth of the enterprise, Hebei Xinda Group carried out the "Mid-Autumn Festival with you" Mid-Autumn Festival activities, prepared a series of rich and wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival games for employees, and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with everyone.

? Session 1: Fun games

Pass the reunion - Group members hold hands to form a closed circle, place the hula trap on one person's arm, start the game with everyone moving at the same time, and move the hoop through each person's body in a full circle without using their hands. At the command of the team, the tacit cooperation of the team members, every minute, have shown their unique skills successfully through the hula hoop, just a few minutes, they quickly narrowed the distance between each other, feel the power of team spirit.

Happy mooncake squat - Each group selected different flavors of mooncake names, red beans, soy sauce, black sesame, millet, called out the team to squat and read the next flavor of the moon cake, in turn relay. At the event site, the chanting voice and the happy moving body came one after another, everyone enjoyed the sweat, felt the happiness of the activity, and let us see the vitality of Xinda employees.

? Session 2: Happy Monopoly

Each team sends two people, one to throw and the other to move on the map, according to the roll of the dice to advance, the first to reach the end of the team wins. The Monopoly game is not only a battle of wits and courage, but also luck, fun, brain, physical strength, insight. Through the knowledge questions and answers related to the Mid-Autumn Festival, corporate culture questions and answers, to add a cultural atmosphere for the festival, the scene bursts of joy, laughter. The winning team received a beautiful prize, and everyone's face was filled with happy smiles.

? Part Three: Making mooncakes by hand

Looking at all kinds of materials on the table, we are eager to try, put on gloves, and face, flat, round, press mold, mold, with tacit understanding, everyone incarnated mooncake division, each other to explore their own production methods and skills, with their own works to welcome the arrival of the festival, the whole event site laughter.

Moon is the Mid-Autumn Festival circle, love is the Mid-Autumn festival thick. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hebei Xinda Group extends its best wishes to all Xinda people, wishing everyone a family reunion, happiness and well-being!