30th Anniversary
Baby welcome National Day! "Xin Second Generation" fun Sports meeting HIGH!

"Welcome National Day and build dreams with 'Xin'"

In order to further enrich the staff's amateur cultural life and the "Xin second generation" after-school life, stimulate the patriotism of the staff and children, further guide the staff to take responsibility and mission, boost the spirit of entrepreneurship of the officers, guide the children to love the motherland and be proud of the country, understand the parents' working environment in Xin Da, enhance the staff's happiness and pride, recently, Hebei Xinda Group held the "Happy National Day with" Xin "dream" parent-child fun games, activities were held in Hebei region and Jilin region.

Jilin Xinda Iron and Steel Co., LTD

Jilin Xinda Steel Co., Ltd. parent-child fun sports activities are in full swing, "Xin second generation" under the leadership of their parents to Jilin Xinda Steel Culture Park, under the guidance of the docent, they came to the production line, in the hot heat to feel the enthusiasm of steel, like the steel billet of the fire dragon is breathtaking, they carefully listen to the explanation, "Wow!" from time to time.

Happy ring

Rings pay attention to is "steady, accurate, ruthless", after selecting the target to relax the body, hold a steady hand after "gently" throw out, there is a great chance to set their own goals, grasp the secret of the children, focus, throw the circle in the hand.

Fun pot

The pot seems simple, but the difficulty is very high, the activity scene, the children have a model of the pot game, throw an arrow on the surprise cheer, everyone you say and I say the pot "know-how", the scene of laughter, cheers continue.


Hop, hop, shake, shake! The twerker mainly shakes the ball out by shaking the hips, which is not only a physical test, but also to find the right Angle. With the issuance of the competition instructions, the contestants frantically output, twisting their hips and jumping feet, exaggerated actions, twisting the body to attract the crowd to laugh.

The tortoise and the hare

When the story of the tortoise and the hare becomes a game, the ending may turn out differently. Each group determines the props used in the form of drawing lots (turtle/rabbit), the referee gives the order, the game is carried out in an orderly manner, a "fast and furious" is staged in the field, and the scene is filled with shouts and shouts.

Tandem aerial ladder

In the cooperation ladder competition, the participants were connected by the inflatable ladder into a row, everyone was ready, the division of labor was clear, and the cooperation was orderly, and they worked together to charge the end.

Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD

Under the guidance of the docent, we first visited the Xinda Iron and steel Industrial Park, and the children were very excited to see where their parents worked. "Wow, the original mom and dad are working here, there are a lot of green trees, feel the environment is very good, there are a lot of wonderful facilities," the children said loudly.

Walking in the park, the children were full of curiosity about everything, taking photos with the astronauts, hand-feeding the furry animals in the park, and experiencing the fun of power generation bicycles and curling. A short visit may not be able to fully show the charm of Xinda, but it can make the employees' families more assured about the place where their loved ones work, and let the children worship their parents more.

Popular science small class

"Not to be underestimated calcium oxide" knowledge popularization broadens the children's knowledge, everyone through watching, listening, doing and other personal experience, understand a lot of basic knowledge of iron and steel smelting, improve scientific literacy, realize that calcium oxide in the process of iron and steel smelting irreplaceable role.

Fun sports meeting officially started, the activities include two three-legged, tail tearing, hand speed king, listen to my command four items, set fun and physical exercise in one.

The two are in a three-legged match

"One, two, one..." Under the leadership of their parents, the children shouted neat slogans, walked in a unified pace, went hand in hand, and won warm applause from the scene with their tacit cooperation and the spirit of competing courageously.

"Tear the tail" battle

"Tear the tail" war has been loved by children, children to tie the "tail" to the waist, while protecting their own "tail" pull each other's "tail". "Tear the tail" war exercises the children's ability to chase and avoid, so that the children feel joy, but also harvest the joy of success.

Hand Speed King pk

The two groups face each other, put a row of mineral water in the middle, the host randomly said body parts, the group members responded according to the host's instructions, when the host issued the "grab" instruction, grab the mineral water in front of the fastest hand speed, the game exercised everyone's reaction ability and physical strength, the activity scene was full of laughter.

Follow my lead

The small and medium-sized friends in the game covered their eyes and moved forward carefully under the instructions of parents, which exercised the agility of the child's response ability. "In the game, the distance between my mother and I unconsciously narrowed a lot," said a child who reached the finish line first.

Watch the parade video

In order to let the children perceive the changes of the motherland, understand the power of the Chinese soldiers, and feel proud and proud of being Chinese, the children were organized to watch the video of the parade, a row of uniform soldiers, a righteous face, the children were attracted by the picture in the video, and were shocked by the momentum and scene of the phalanx, exclamation, praise one after another.

The annual autumn wind strength, not like spring more than spring. The successful holding of the fun games, let everyone experience the joy of sports, the fun of competition, to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, enhancing communication, and gathering strength. It is hoped that the cadres and workers of Xinda will transform the "high fighting spirit and good state" displayed in the movement into a great driving force of love and dedication, strive for success, gather into a strong joint force of tackling difficulties, reform and innovation, strengthen the consciousness of ratio, the spirit of fighting, the spirit of dry, the super determination, the effect of winning, and make unremitting efforts. Continue to contribute to the high quality development of Hebei Xinda Group!