30th Anniversary
Singing and dancing! Hebei Xinda Group "I want to go on the Spring Festival Gala" finals come!

In order to improve the cultural literacy of the staff, enrich the leisure cultural life of the staff, give play to the power of literature and art, and provide a stage for the growth and display of talent for the staff who love to perform and are willing to show, Hebei Xinda Group held the "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala" activity, using the artistic form that everyone likes to see, to show the spiritual strength of the staff.

The competition attracted more than 40 employees from various companies of the group to participate in a total of 37 programs, covering songs, dances, Musical Instruments, skits, stunts, etc., with diverse forms and colorful content.

The song | is | liao | 01

"My motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment..." Whenever the familiar melody sounds, people's hearts will pour out of the sacred feelings connected with the motherland's blood, beautiful melody, simple and sincere lyrics deeply moved the audience, everyone beat the beat softly chorus.

The melody of "Walking Life Road" is relaxed and lively, full of vitality, and the lyrics are profound and positive, making the audience feel full of confidence and power.

"Happy Chinese Year" deserves to belong to the festival of the New Year to listen to the golden song, the lively scene of the song sounded, the whole atmosphere is happy, as if you have seen the sound of firecrackers exploded, the sky burst bright scene.

"The mountains and rivers are safe, the fireworks are ordinary, but you wish to look out, I will love the world you love, and dream the reunion you dream..." A "wish" to pay tribute to the struggle and dedication of the ancestors.

Dance | move | green | spring 02

Melodious sound of the horse head qin, the dancers brought you a beautiful Mongolian dance "grassland moon", I saw her action chic, generous, tension, showing a bold and confident "God's pride" spirit.

Jazz dance pursues happiness, liveliness and vitality. In the dance, dancers use rich body language and accurate rhythm grasp, giving every movement and every turn a unique style of jazz dance.

The dance of "Tongdan" is a song of sincere friendship. The dancer holds a small fan and dances like a butterfly, accompanied by a graceful and beautiful music. It inadvertently sketches the beauty in the poetry. The beautiful dance posture and the beautiful artistic conception make people wonder at the classical beauty.

The players with the works one after another, on the stage, they or smiling eyes ying Ying, Luo sleeve Manman, dancing, or enthusiastic, dancing and singing, passion, every interpretation on the stage, are condensed under the stage countless days and nights of hard work.

Much | yuan | wind | mining 03

Beijing Opera The Taking of Tiger Mountain shows the charm of combining traditional art with modern elements; Recorder performance "Dare to ask where the road is" melodious atmosphere, the prelude to a sound, the journey to the West four people and a horse to kill the demon picture has jumped in front of the eyes, people's hearts surging, blood boiling; In the stunt "Steel needle through flesh", the performers Pierce a steel needle into their own flesh and hang a bucket of water on it, causing the audience to unconsciously hold their breath and become very nervous during the performance.

The soulful singing, the playing, the beautiful dance, and the cool and exciting stunt show all show the colorful artistic style of Xinda staff. The wonderful performance won bursts of applause from the audience and the judges, and the whole competition was grounded, gathered people's hearts, and encouraged their energy, fully showing the good spirit of Xinda employees' hard work, entrepreneurship and striving for progress.

After the fair and rigorous evaluation of the judges, the competition selected 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 5 third prizes.

▲ Jilin Xinda Iron and Steel Co., LTD. Gao Xiliang and Sun Changhong won the first prize

▲ Wei Wenjing of Hebei Lijun Cultural Development Group Co., LTD., Dong Hongyi and Lu Hongxiu of Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD., won the second prize

▲ Leng Xu of Jilin Xinda Iron and Steel Co., LTD., Zheng Ying of Hebei Lijun Cultural Development Group Co., LTD., Li Zongcai and Zhu Jiaxing of Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD., Liu Yanchao of Hebei Tianyue Laser Remanufacturing Technology Co., LTD., Dong Wenfei of Qian 'an Xinda Logistics Co., LTD., won the third prize

Civilizations thrive and ideas advance with The Times. On the stage of "I want to go to the Spring Festival Gala", Xinda staff exudes the light of confidence, so that the audience feels the shock of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". This event, as a literary and artistic event created by the Group for employees, has played a strong voice in the new era of iron and steel workers to strengthen cultural self-confidence, enhance cultural consciousness, and develop cultural undertakings, fully demonstrating the style of The Times of employees, and is also another perfect presentation of the Group's wholehearted service for employees. Xinda the majority of cadres and staff will continue to maintain long-term enthusiasm and energy, actively participate in the construction of Xinda, beautiful Xinda, high-quality development of Xinda hot practice, and then make new achievements!