30th Anniversary
Hair dumplings, guess lantern riddles, enjoy the lanterns! Xinda staff "Qi Le long long" Lantern Festival!

Happy Lantern Festival

Quit the old firecrackers to rush the spring tide, welcome the new gongs and drums make the Lantern Festival. On the fifteenth day of the first month, the Lantern Festival, in order to further promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture and enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the majority of workers, Hebei Xinda Group recently organized the Lantern Festival theme activities to promote all Xinda people to be more full of spirit into the New Year's work.

Hebei Xinda Group

The "King of Karaoke" segment is an interesting song guessing competition, each group selects a representative of the "Chinese small song library", the moment the music starts to awaken everyone's memory, and the singers respond to the live performance, applause one after another. Guessing riddles link, integration of knowledge, fun as one of the riddles in the host's transmission under the group guessing, riddles a wide range of content, both easy to understand the fun of guessing, there are more complex abstract puzzles, between the lines, interesting. Everyone is in high spirits, each show its talent, have rushed to answer, the scene of laughter, happy.

"Eat a bowl of dumplings, looking forward to a complete year" activity site also prepared sufficient glutinous rice flour, black sesame and other fillings, in the production of dumplings, we knead flour, pinch the filling, rub the dumplings, the pot... A loving dumplings filled with pot noodles, adding a sweet vitality to the Lantern Festival.

Xinda Iron and steel Industrial Park

On the Lantern Festival, Xinda staff and their families walked into the national AAA level tourist scenic spot - Xinda Steel Industrial Park to visit and play, the scene also set up a prize guessing lantern riddle activities, staff families are interested, eager to try, from time to time bursts of laughter, a strong festive atmosphere.

Jilin Xinda Iron and Steel

Colorful lanterns are ready to hang on the lanterns with interesting riddles, attracting many workers to come to guess. Everyone or bow their heads to contemplate, or exchange and discuss, you guess the answer, I won a beautiful gift.

Tangshan Tianhong property

Tangshan Tianhong Property activity site hung the owners self-made creative lanterns, lanterns hanging riddles, floating in the wind, attracting residents to stop to watch and discuss, the scene a lively and peaceful. The activity site also set up chopsticks ping pong, you draw my guess and other small games, attracting the participation of many owners.

Suddenly can not recruit, the world festival and Lantern Festival. The colorful Lantern Festival activities not only carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also enhance the interaction between employees. This year, Hebei Xinda Group will continue to deepen the humanistic care for employees, continue to innovate the forms of activities, create a harmonious, warm and upward corporate culture atmosphere, and enhance the happiness and cohesion of employees. On the occasion of the festival, I wish all the Xinda family a happy Lantern Festival, Yuanyuan!