Lauren Engelkemeyer, Clever Betty OwnerWell hello there! I'm Lauren. I'm a designer, sewist, handmade artist, and fabric enthusiast. For five years after graduating with my BFA in graphic design, I worked in various graphic design positions in the St. Louis, Missouri area running the gamut from magazine design, to marketing coordination and photo styling, to in-house university advertising. In 2011 I decided to go back to school to get my Master's degree. Upon graduating in August of 2012, I also quit my day job and decided to concentrate on Clever Betty full time.

Clever Betty started out as a part-time hobby on Etsy in 2008, where I sold handmade purses and hair accessories. My products were all crafted from recycled fabrics at the time. I spent a few weekends at local craft shows, and was a vendor at a local St. Louis store called Peridot, as well. Since late 2012 I've been running my studio from home, dreaming up new products to sew and sell, while also combining my knowledge of graphic design and staying true to my love of all things fabric and handmade. All of the fabrics you see in my shop are designed by me, and all of the handmade products are 100% original designs that came from hours of planning, drafting, and color coordination. In the summer 2013 Clever Betty became an Anthropologie vendor and I hope to continue a wholesale relationship with them as well as gain more wholesale accounts in 2014!

On a more personal note, I'm crazy for morning tea, cuddly animals, traveling, cooking, decorating, and anything that makes the world a more beautiful place to be. I'm a slight bit obsessive-compulsive about organization, check lists and being productive. I've known how to sew for more than half my life and am extremely grateful that I can now consider it a major aspect of my day job. I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world, Sean, and we live in St. Louis, Missouri with our two kitty furballs Nelson and Greta. We're currently awaiting the arrival of our first baby, a boy, in January 2014 and I look forward to balancing life as a work-at-home mom in the very near future!

You can check out the archives at the Clever Betty blog, You Had Me at Handmade, or follow me on Instagram to learn more about the makings of this shop and my life in general. Want to chat? I'd love to! You can contact me right here.