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Jingdong pipe industry industrial park is a national AAA scenic spot, located in Qian'an environmental protection building materials Industrial Park, Hebei Province. Combined with the construction of green culture factory, the scenic spot will build a high-quality industrial tourism project. According to the plan, the project will be built into a precision casting industrial park with "one belt and four areas" as the core, "one belt" is the landscape Avenue, "four areas" are the "management impression" comprehensive service area, "cultural carving" manual experience area, "green production" ecological tour area and "pipeline world" cultural entertainment area.

Adhering to the development concept of "innovation, green, openness and win-win", Hebei Jingdong pipe industry park has set up sightseeing projects such as real-life visit to modern precision casting production process, casting cultural sculpture, scenic area cultural corridor, deer park and pipeline entertainment experience. In the park, the scenic walls themed with environmental protection elements such as blue sky and white clouds, clear water and green mountains are pleasing to the eye, and pipeline models stand towering on both sides of the road.


Jingdong pipe industry park is a classic industrial theme scenic spot integrating high-quality casting, green environmental protection, popular science education, cultural experience and interesting sightseeing. It presents a new scene of "industrial tourism" with concentrated development, prominent industrial orientation, complete supporting facilities and perfect functional layout for tourists, so that tourists can experience the unique charm of precision casting and the light of science and technology for the future development of enterprises.


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