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Qian 'an, a city that grew up with the rise of industry in modern China, always gives people the impression that it has an indissoluble relationship with industry. Located in Qian 'an Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province, the former "high energy consumption, high pollution" factory has been transformed into today's green garden factory, bearing the new era, new goals, new dreams!

This is Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD. The roar of production equipment is gradually fading away, and it is quietly transformed into Hebei Green Factory. The unique beauty of terrain and iron and steel production process under the extraordinary workmanship of nature blend perfectly, making a modern iron and steel industrial park rise rapidly here. Industrial tourism "small incision" let Xinda become more appearance level temperament, more cultural deposits, more attractive quality!

Today, Xinda trees and trees are jointing, gradually blooming, natural scenery and industrial landscape echo, traditional elements and modern fashion symphonic each other. Green leads the future. Xinda deeply explores the way of symbiosis between the steel industry and ecological sustainable development. Guided by the development concept of "innovation, green, open and win-win", Xinda is committed to creating green benchmarks, cultivating green momentum, supplying green products, and leading the green development of the steel industry. With the goal of "greening, beautifying and cultural" garden-style factory, we plan from a high starting point, implement with high standards and promote the construction of enterprise green ecological civilization with high quality. The cumulative investment in environmental protection has reached 5.4 billion yuan, and the plant green area has reached 120,000 square meters, forming an organic combination of "Joe, irrigation, flowers and grass" layout. Step by step, a landscape, a landscape, the wonders of industrial beauty and ecological beauty appear in front of the world.


Xinda Iron and Steel Industrial Park tourism into leisure, science and technology elements, with feelings to tell the story of traditional industry, through a variety of immersive tour for tourists to build a "considerable, can play, learn, buy, leisure" industrial tourism new ecology. The creative model full of iron and steel flavor has unique aesthetic significance and profound philosophical connotation. The remodeling and reconstruction of the function make it burst out of the strong vitality of cultural creativity. For the eyes accustomed to the landscape, seeing "how green steel is tempered" is education and popular science, but also the integration of knowledge and practice.

Walking in Xinda Iron and Steel Industrial Park, feel the ecological beauty, cultural benefits. The park is composed of "One Belt and four districts", namely "Quanxin Avenue", "Xinda Impression" comprehensive service area, "Ecological momentum" theme entertainment area, "Green steel" ecological tour area, "Huoshunijinhua" night view area, each with its own characteristics of steel landscape points and ecological gardens, the water is clear, the scenery is picturesque, while encounter the beautiful scenery let the body and mind close to the rhythm of nature.

Let the years flow, the party flag is still brilliant. Xinda has always organically combined the Party building work with the enterprise development. There are Party building cultural Avenue, Party building publicity corridor, Party and mass activity Center and other places in the park. Between history and reality, Xinda's strong atmosphere of Party building culture and feelings of home and country are fully manifested.

A mountain a water a world, a factory a scenery a style. Walking quietly in the green fairyland of Xinda Iron and Steel Industrial Park, experiencing the simple and profound charm of steel, feeling the new scene of "tourism + industry" side by side, Xinda Iron and Steel Industrial Park has lifted its veil, is the best place to review the industrial history and culture, experience the steel process production, close to nature.


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